Return to a Twisted Sea!

Ashtyn Britt

What would happen if Ursula won the story of the Little Mermaid? What would have happened to Ariel? Eric? Atlantica? The rest of the world? In Liz Brasswel’s latest Twisted Tale, these interesting questions are answered in an exciting and fascinating way!

Our story takes us down an alternative timeline where Ursula successfully married Prince Eric, and sent Ariel home with her tail between her… well, lack of legs. It is then revealed in exchange for her freedom, Triton sold himself to the Sea Witch, and then she returned to the land to rule Eric’s kingdom while keeping him under her control.

We then fast forward five years after to see Ariel be crowned the mute Queen of Atlantica, being able to teach a select few an ancient form of sign language so she may still communicate with her subjects. Her being crowned queen, despite being the youngest, was her punishment since it was believed their father had died due to Ariel’s foolishness. We get an interesting insight into this wiser not-so-little mermaid, dealing with the grief of her lost love alongside her guilt of her father’s fate.

So, when rumor spreads Triton may be held captive instead of killed, Ariel feels it’s her personal responsibility to return to the surface to rescue him. However, as she does so, she must face the world who spurned her, the witch who ruined her life, and the prince she never got over.

This twisted tale takes you back into the magical world of mermaids and speaking birds and so much magic, and is, in my opinion, the very best Twisted Tale yet! If you haven’t yet, you can request a copy through the library or order a copy both in a physical and electronic form online at for just under fourteen dollars. Go on and take a splash into this twisted story!

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