Retro Review “GoldenEye 007”

By: Lakyn Gardner

Game controllers image
Plug in a second controller and you’ll be greeted with hidden options for a more traditional, dual-joystick console FPS experience. Capture by Alex Johnson via Project64.

Welcome back to Retro Review everyone. Today we are going to be reviewing “GoldenEye 007”.  “GoldenEye 007” was released in August of 1997 and

produced by the company Rare For the Nintendo 64. If you are unfamiliar with the company Rare, they also made Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 and Perfect Park to name a few.  

As much as I love the game the story is pretty basic, but it got the job done. There are lots of glitches and bugs throughout the game; however, that actually makes it a super enjoyable experience. I believe glitches and bugs make games fun as long as they are not game-breaking. Nothing in this was game-breaking, it would just make enemies get confused, spin around and fly away. 

However, the controls were awful. This game needed a second joystick to be complete. Something I did not know as a kid was that if you

Screenshot of game
While the controls and graphics may have not aged well, Goldeneye is still one of the most famous console FPS shooters of all time; right up there with Halo and Call of Duty. Capture by Alex Johnson via Project64.

plug in two Nintendo 64 controllers while playing the game, you can access both analog sticks to improve gameplay. 

With all the bad stuff out of the way I have to say the gameplay is enjoyable, the replayability is insane. Like I said previously, I found myself coming back to this game all the time, even now. Playing as an adult, I found there have been mods to play it online so I could play with my brothers again.

Let me tell you this was a treat. Goldeneye 007 is given credit for creating the building blocks for modern, multiplayer, first-person shooters. This game is super nostalgic for me because I played it throughout my whole childhood. Even when I was 10 or 12, my brothers and I would settle arguments with this game.

I believe this game is a 7 out of 10. If I could grade this game on multiplayer alone it would not be astronomically higher; however, I have to include the story, the bugs and everything in order to be fair. But this game will

always hold a special place in my heart.

Screenshot of gameplay
Almost as famous as the game itself is the cheat menu, with traditional options like invincibility and all-weapons to more fun options like “big-head” or paintball mode. Capture by Alex Johnson via Project 64.
Screenshot of game.
The half-circle health and armor levels are now icon video game imagery. Capture by Alex Johnson via Project64.

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