Refraining Yourself From Being Misused By People

By Alexandra Blockton

At some point in your life, you will realize that there is simply no sense in having a relationship with an individual when it is only convenient for them. No matter what the relationship is whether it is a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, husband, wife, and family member, etc. If that individual means you no good in life. By all means, it’s time to let them go!

If that person is a family member you can always love them from a distance! It is very important that you don’t let anyone’s title in your relationship with them overrule the fact that someone is using you, as in meaning they are only around you to fulfill their personal needs.

People who tend to use other people only to their convenience will never tell you. You will pretty much just end up finding out on your own. Have you ever noticed someone who only comes around you when they tend to need something? All they are worried about is themselves! At first, it may be kind of hard to point out. Especially, if you have a relationship with this person or you just simply do not want to believe exactly what this individual is doing.

One thing I have had issues with in the past is letting someone like that re-enter into my life. Only for it to become even much of a disaster which literally means if someone will do you wrong the first time. They will continue to do you wrong because they have it set in their mind that you think their behavior is acceptable and it is not acceptable.

But if you can put your foot down and communicate how you actually feel in a healthy way. I’m quite sure that person will notice you have caught on to their unacceptable behavior. Once you have put up a guard to not let this individual back into your life. Stand on your word in doing so because if you continue to let this person back into your life. It will only get worse.

As human beings, we all deserve to be happy and have healthy relationships with whomever we may have in our life. But no one should ever feel belittled to the point they tend to feel used. I understand we all go through obstacles in life and one of those obstacles may just be simple, learning to get rid of the people in your life who really don’t bring any value. Such as mentally and emotionally for your overall well-being.

Of course, it would be a perfect world we all live in but as we all know everyone is not the same. My advice to all is learn exactly when a person is misusing you because it’s a hurtful process to heal from, it’s okay to tell someone “No”. You are not a bad person if you ever have to tell someone no.


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