Rapper Mac Miller Died Last Month

Sean Shive


Malcom McCormick, mostly known by his stage name  “Mac Miller”, passed away unexpectedly on Sep 7 by an apparent drug overdose and was found dead on arrival at his San Fernando home at around noon. Mac was only 26.

He will be remembered  for his profound music producing, songwriting, and contagious smile and spirit that he gave to all of his family, friends, and fans throughout his life.

Mac’s career started in 2010, when he was just 18 years old. In 2011, he released his debut studio album “Blue Slide Park”, which went on to reach the top of the Billboard 200 chart and solidified a name and a style for the young MC. Since that first album, Mac went on to create four more studio albums, and a numerous amount of music videos, film features and perform on dozens of tours. Unfortunately, Mac’s talents came with some demons as well.

Mac was always open about his marijuana use, but it wasn’t until he was 19 that he started using harder narcotics. Although were not yet certain exactly which drug/s killed the young rapper, we do know that drug abuse  is something he struggled with and

after his first studio album, Mac started using promethazine, otherwise known as “lean” which he admits in an interview with Complex magazine that started with the criticism of his music. It wasn’t long until he was addicted to lean and thus spiraling his habits in a downward spiral.

Mac’s death came as a huge shock to the hip-hop community. Dozens of musical artists showed up on social media to share stories, inspirations, and feelings about his passing.

Artist Chance the Rapper shared on twitter: “Mac was one of the sweetest guys I have ever met, he was a great man, and I loved him forreal.”

With other big hip-hop  artists like Macklemore and J.Cole posting great stories and pictures as well. Mac was the ex-boyfriend of singer and songwriter Ariana Grande, and there are some speculations that after their breakup, he may have been left in a more vulnerable state.

Mac Miller was honored with a vigil in his home city of Pittsburgh on Sep 11. The memorial service was held at Frick park, which is also known as Blue Slide Park.

L&C student,  Ethan Townzen (Radio Broadcasting Major), loved Mac and was a fan before anyone else knew about him, Ethan remembers some of his first tracks like “Donald Trump”, and “Best day ever”, and loved how genuine and relatable his songs were.

Another student, Kody Golike (Paramedicine major), was a big fan of Mac, and believes “people should be more mindful on the internet about what they say when celebrities die, because you never know who your comments could affect”. Kody’s favorite song by him is “Rap diablo”.

Mac’s music and legacy will never be forgotten, as well as his caring and loveable personality. Mac had just released his fifth album “Swimming” a month before his death.

His death is raising more awareness about depression and drug addiction in the music industry, but particularly the hip-hop industry.

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