Professor Gerald Mozur Asks Board to Consider More Than Just the Bottom Line


By Keenan A. Mount

Lewis and Clark Community College Philosophy Professor Gerald Mozur opened the Board of Trustee December meeting with his public comment.

Mozur welcomed new board member Jill Griffith and expressed his pleasure in her educational background, saying that her admission on the board “bodes well for our future.”

He then went on to advise the board against being too financially minded going into the new year. In giving this advice, he utilized the story of Ebenezer Scrooge as an allegory and urged the board to operate with love and kindness.

President Ken Trzaska spoke on a positive trend in revenue during the monthly budget update. Trzaska also went on to thank the faculty and staff for a balanced budget as a result of their discerning spending.

The board approved a new policy that established an endowed chair position. This proved to be a point for discussion.

Kevin Rust, secretary of the board, brought up concerns that the endowment would be at the whim of the donor. Vice President of Administration Lori Artis attempted to quell those concerns by detailing the language the endowments would be written in and highlighting that it leaves room for later changes.

Rust said that he found this new policy to be in conflict with how donations are treated outside of an endowed chair. Artis and Trzaska disagreed with Rust on his observation.

“If a program went away that had an endowed chair, we may move away from that if we choose,” Trzaska said. “We would not have to fill the chair just because it is funded.”

Trzaska reported on the beginning of the main complex renovation project. Lewis and Clark team members met with architects from Hastings + Chivetta to discuss the project. Trzaska said the PowerPoint presented by Hastings + Chivetta will in the near future be available for a broader audience and that people from Hastings + Chivetta will engage with more Lewis and Clark faculty and staff. Trzaska intends to have Hastings + Chivetta representatives present at future board meetings to present updates and field questions.

Cedric Brown, athletic director, gave an athletics update that reviewed the last five months of athletic activity. Brown had a good deal of praise and gratitude for fellow faculty and staff, the board of trustees, and the institution as a whole for supporting and furthering the athletics program.

Brown reported academic success for student athletes citing the decline in add/drop issues since 2019.

“Student athletes are doing well in their coursework and being retained,” Brown said.

Fundraising successes have led to an excess of nearly $40,000, Brown said. He closed his report with information regarding a partnership that would allow for students to monetize their likeness. The partnership is reportedly being worked on by Brown and Trzaska.


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