President Donald Trump’s Policies Could be Healthy



Photo provided by: ABC News
Photo provided by: ABC News
Kelly Rulison
Copy Editor

President Trumps actions since being inaugurated have certainly created a stir with the American people, but I believe that there is still hope we could have a good run.

One of the first actions President Trump acted on was withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement negotiations. In doing so, his plan is to promote the American industry, protect American workers, and raise American wages.

In the long run this could prove to be very beneficial in creating jobs for the American workers.

It’s no secret that Trump has been all about building a wall on the border of Mexico, and within his first week of running the oval office signed to build a wall at the southern border and to cut federal funding to “sanctuary” cities, which don’t enforce federal immigration laws on undocumented immigrants.

One of the reasons behind this is to make sure that only legal immigrants are getting jobs in America and that companies cannot outsource jobs to illegal immigrants for cheaper wages.

Trump has signed for the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline to be finished in order to bring oil from Canada to Nebraska.

He has also agreed to consider alternative routes and begin an environmental impact study, to find more environmentally friendly ways for energy. This is a process that could take months to figure out.

Trump has also stated that he plans to impose a Constitutional Amendment that will put term limits on all members of Congress. An action that many American’s feel will benefit congress and the country.

According to Trump plans to impliment a Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act.

An economic plan designed to grow the economy 4 percent each year and create at least 25 million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification, in combination with trade reform, regulatory relief, and lifting the restrictions on American energy.

The largest tax reductions are for the middle class. A middle class family with two children will get a 35 percent tax cut. The current number of brackets will be reduced from seven to three, and tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified.

The business rate will be lowered from 35 to 15 percent, and the trillions of dollars of American corporate money overseas can now be brought back at a 10 percent rate.

At the end of the day, I’m simply curious to see where Trump leads us in the next four years. Like a lot of American citizens I have had my fears, but I am ready to sit back and watch this show unfold.

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