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“Hey Google, Play Music.”

Yes, this is (pretend) sponsored content, BUT – I am not pretending when I Play Music with Google. For an unknown but limited period of time, you can get a 30-day free trial of Google Play Music AND Youtube Red – $10 per month after that.

… Youtube Red? How much do YOU YouTube? I YouTube A LOT. When I don’t watch, I listen. And I could listen, ALL DAY…

Do you Bluetooth? I just got started for $30. VAVA MOOV 28’s. Amazon. 2 ears, or 1 – if you’re a BOSS. Hold on, I gotta take this call – it’s from the Future.

“Hey Google, What’s Up?” Their stock, of course. The only thing that can bring their monopoly down is anti-monopoly legislation. But I’ll take a chance card from the community chest and ride this tech-train all the way to Human A.I.

Not A.I, artificial intelligence, but H.A.I, human augmented* intelligence. Our handsets are most remarkable – but could be obsolete by future hands-free interfaces. Somehow, we will free our hands – but at what cost? Our eyes? … Our minds?   

“Hey Google, Auto-Play.” Be my channel and feed me content. I want this and this, and thus, that. Wait… What algorithm?

What?? Oh. It’s a deep-learning algorithm and we can’t see inside It? A “neural network” self-engineered through experience – ahem, I mean, data?

… Is it alive? Yes, as long as the power is on. I bet it eats kilowatts, by the second. But that won’t be a problem once we achieve infinite energy through nuclear fusion. Lol.

Then, with a surplus of free energy, hands-free H.A.I, and Google Auto-Play – we will finally be able to change our settings one final time – each of us volunteering our last words…

“Hey Google, Play Life…”


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