Phantasmagoria II

Devin Myers


Phantasmagoria took place at the Jacoby Arts Center located in downtown Alton on Broadway. The event was held Nov 1. from 6:30-11:00 and was hosted by “Warm Soda Magazine.” The event was held to promote local artists and their artwork with a Halloween theme. 

Vendible artwork was displayed throughout the art center and along with the broad collection of artwork being displayed, the event also featured live music from local bands “Aliens On The Prairie,” “Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocket Ship,” and “Jesus Christ Super Car.”

Multiple different styles of unique artwork could be seen, with several artists who had their art on display attending the event. Awards were handed out to different artists and many people came to show their support and enjoy everything that Phantasmagoria had to offer.

“It’s even bigger and badder than it was last year,” Shelby Clayton said. Clayton is the co-founder and creative director of Warm Soda Magazine. The magazine aims to support and recognize artists in the St. Louis area in the creative suit and organizing an event like Phantasmagoria helps to achieve that goal.

Lauren Leady is the other co-founder of Warm Soda Magazine. Leady handles the writing side of the magazine. “My favorite thing about Phantasmagoria is getting to meet all of the artists,” Leady said.

Phantasmagoria ll featured artists; Rosita, Lydia Harris, Samuel Spangler, Carol Lara, Orrin Taylor, Patrick Weck, Alicia Lewis, Jenna Hand, Cal Stevens, Haleigh Givens, Renee Cannetta, Claressa Griffin, Jody Jedlicka, Karen King, Donnie Becker Jr, Aimee Cozza, Rosa Renner, Trevor Ayres, Bryan Bethel, Bradley Phillips, Nicole Cooper, Cary Horton, Krystie Morrison, MeltyFace (Tyler Price), Anthony Leon, Marty Mckay, Kim Garavaglia, Noah Daum, Mercedez Brust, Zac Frost, Matt McFerron, Laura “Pellick” Siadak, CyRhen, Jennifer Busse, Erin Hillery, Lisa Hinrichs, Daniel Price, Alan Hollingsworth, Laura J.S. Barnard, Amy Ni, Logan Gage, and Bill Delaney.

Many unique works of art could be seen and include everything from Allan Hollingsworth’s painting “The Furnace Family” consisting of watercolor, pencil and coffee, to Karen King’s art display “The Specimen” which was created through 3-D mixed media. 

“It’s a really cool event and I am happy to be here” said Krystie Morrison whose artwork was featured at the event. Many people enjoyed Phantasmagoria ll and all of the unique art it had to offer. The event was able to bring artists together and promote their work while making it an enjoyable experience for all who attended.

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