Pearsons Produce Trick or Treat & a Bite to Eat


Pearsons Produce Trick or Treat & A Bite to Eat

What is better than owning a business? For Pearson’s Produce it is being able to own the business with their family.  
“Pearson’s Produce is a family-owned local farmers market,” Tyler Pearson, Owner, says.  
“My father established this business in 1947 when he was only 16 years old,” Pearson states.  
“We have been a family owned and operated business for 60 years now. First located in Pike County for 30 plus years, now located in Madison County area for 35 plus years,” Tanya Stanton, Manager, shares.  
Tanya has been in the business since she was 2 years old. It is all she has ever known.  
“Pearson’s Produce sells local produce, jellies, jams, salsas, homegrown tomatoes and more,” Stanton states.  
Meeting new people every day undoubtedly makes this business so important to me, shares Pearson.  
“Pearson’s Produce sincerely wants the community to know we appreciate them, our customers have given us a lot of good seasons,” says Stanton.  
The business closed for the season on October 31st. They will open for the season on April 14th. Their hours during the open season are every day 9am-7pm.  
“Although our store front is closed until next season, Pearson’s Produce offers wholesaling. Wholesale is offered Monday through Saturday, year-round. We are available to nursing homes, restaurants, etc.,” states Pearson.  
Pearson’s Produce is all about family, so it is family members who work there.  
“I absolutely enjoy being part of the family business,” Caden Stanton, son of Tanya Stanton, shares. “There is consistently good, fresh produce we share with the community, and it is a great feeling being able to bond and spend quality time with the family while working,” says C. Stanton.  
“When the season first begins, everyone dearly wants tropical flowers and hanging baskets. Calhoun peaches and home-grown tomatoes are the hit in the summer, along with Amish products generating business all season long, shares T. Stanton.  
“My personal favorites are the raw honey, apples which are so good, and our salsa is delicious,” says C. Stanton.  
“Cantaloupe, sweet corn, tomatoes, and watermelon are four huge items for business,” states Pearson.  
“We eagerly hope to keep Pearson’s Produce alive and growing for many, many more years,” exclaims Pearson.  
Pearson’s Produce hopes to see everyone at their season opening April 14th!  
To contact for more details about wholesaling, business news and other please contact Tyler Pearson at 618-365-3514.  
Pearson’s Produce is at 6704 Humbert Road, Godfrey Illinois.


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