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Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Hannah Auston
Associate Editor

When choosing a college, there are lots of choices that factor into making a decision: scholarships, athletics, atmosphere, and of course, your major.

Many students choose to transfer to a four-year degree at a university after completing their associate degree or certificate. Just because Lewis and Clark Community College is (typically) a two-year program, doesn’t mean you can’t get involved along the way.

There are numerous clubs offered at L&C; one of them is bound to catch your attention. Maybe you like all things cars; how they work and ways to maintain them. Automotive Technology Organization would be your go-to club.

Associate Professor of Automotive Technology, Christopher Reynolds agrees saying, “Student clubs allow individuals to explore career areas while also engaging in community outreach, contextually related recreational activities, and networking on and off campus.”

Perhaps you like science and/or math, and want to meet others who excel in this area, as well as share your interest in these fields. STEM would be a great option to not only meet fellow Trailblazers with common ground, but also to provide the opportunity to network and prepare you for your major ahead.

Phi Theta Kappa (honor society) can also serve as a way of interconnecting with not only other students, but as you move forward in your education goals, as well. Phi Theta Kappa is recognized nationally, providing the club member with many unique opportunities such as scholarships and resume enhancers.

Maybe getting involved with campus life is more your style: there’s the Student Government Association, as well as Student Activities. Both are great ways to have a say in what is happening not only during your time here on campus, but also for future students, too.

After all, it’s your school, and you should have the opportunity to provide feedback, as well as help to suggest ideas that would make L&C an even better learning atmosphere.

While maintaining your studies is of the utmost importance, branching out to meet new people is always a fun and exciting part of the college experience.

Speech professor, Elizabeth Grant, says, “I believe that students are happier when they know people in and out of their classes. Clubs allow you to meet new people and practice service and leadership. Clubs make our campus a warmer and more interpersonal place for students to thrive.”

To see a full list of the clubs offered, or for more information on how to contact a club advisor, visit: Don’t see a club that grabs your interest? You can always organize a meeting to propose a new club – chances are, you’re not the only one interested in that particular area.

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