NBA Players are Adapting to Their New Normal in The Bubble

By Chris Thomas

Covid-19 has thrown a lot of curveballs that we did not expect. It has changed the way we play sports, interact with others and participate in activities. This new normal is something we will have to adapt to and accept for many years. In Florida, the NBA is planning to start playing in the near future. These first few days have been pure chaos due to the fact that there were a few players who actually tested positive for the coronavirus.

This set basketball back even further. Players like Russell Westbrook, Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris have been the first of many to test positive. Their job now is to quarantine for the next two weeks before they return back to practice.

Most teams have begun practice in Orlando, Fla. where most of them reside in a Disney World hotel room where they won’t be able to leave for any reason. This is called “the bubble”. The bubble is a way to enclose players in an environment in such a way to ensure that they don’t become exposed to the virus. I think this is a very effective way to approach this situation because it ensures nobody gets sick from the intense contact sport which basketball is. Many teams have started to practice for the first time in four months. But, due to the circumstances, being adaptable is more important than being prepared. The clippers are bringing 15 to 17 possible players to Orlando and will have to practice without their superstar player, Kawhi Leonard. 

Many other teams are missing their star players including The Nuggets, Kings and The Heat. Right now teams are just doing small group work, shooting and stretching. The Lakers are focused mainly on basic movements they haven’t done in a while such as defense of slides, and 5-on-5. The Sacramento Kings however, have had little to no contact during the first few sessions of practice to ensure the safety of their players.

This new normal is something we will all have to get used to for a long time. The NBA have a lot of adjusting to do to get ready for the season. There are still so many uncertainties about player safety and health. My main hope is that we get one of our favorite sports back on our TV screens to try and take our minds off such a chaotic time in history .

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