Native American Heritage Presentation: We Still Remain!

Olivia Bettorf


The Native American Heritage was held Tuesday, Nov. 27 2018.

Before the presentation, one of the speakers was playing what would be called Modern Native American music.

“we hope to educate students on more of Native Americans Heritage,” Jared Hennings of Student Activities said.

Sherry Taluc and Saundi McCain-Kloeckener, who are cousins, spoke during the event.

Taluc asked, “Do we really need the microphone?”

The two explained who they are, specifically of their Cherokee and Pani names and family history.

McCain-Kloeckener explained that her parents did not drink alcohol and Taluc explained what her name means and her tribe. “Boundaries crossed us, we didn’t cross boundaries,” she said.

Saundi McCain-Kloeckener sung a Native American chant with translation.

“I will do it for the water, I will do it for the children,” she sang. “We will do it for the water, for the next seven generations.”

After the song they start with a slide show and telling about adventures to Washington D.C. to be in a Indigenous Peoples March and then talked about a World Indigenous Peoples Day March in January and were hoping for on to be in Saint Louis this year.

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