Meet Our Ad Manager!

Callie Logan – Ad Manager

Callie Logan is The Bridge’s Advertising Manager. She is also SGA Treasurer, and PTK Treasurer. She is very active on campus through other clubs too. She was born in Texas.  At the age of three, she moved to Meadowbrook, Illinois where she was raised.  She currently resides in East Alton, Illinois where she recently moved to in order to start a new life and continue raising her youngest two children. She earned her Administrative Assistance Degree May 2016 and is currently working on her Accounting Degree that she will receive in May.  She thrives off helping others any way that she can and hopes to find a spot on staff at LCCC so she can give back to the college as much as she can.


If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?  I think I’d be a grizzly bear. I feel I relate most to a mama grizzly due to the fact I am very protective of my kids and would do anything to protect them. You threaten a cub of a grizzly bear and they will attack. I have this instinct with my kids (including my “adopted” ones).

What’s your most played song? Who’d Have Known – by Lily Allen

What should the title of your memoir be? I Will Overcome – The Struggles of a Mom to Change Her Life for Herself and Her Children

What is one thing that you can’t live without? My family/friends

What’s your favorite food? Chocolate

What do you love best about working for the Bridge? The way the staff (and advisor) have all become like a family to me. We are always there for one another though all types of situations. We have become very close.


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