Luna Lifted is Here to Lift Your Spirits!

By Ashtyn Britt

Luna Lifted products sent with an extra bit of magic and goodwill during these trying times. (Rose not included in Luna Lifted purchases.)

There are few companies lately that make people genuinely feel special, and even fewer who make people feel magical. Last year I happened to come across a specific company that has managed to empower and inspire me, Luna Lifted. Luna Lifted is a company that sells jewelry inspired by the most famous Goddesses from various mythologies in order to help women feel their own inner Goddess on a daily basis. I have been a repeat customer of theirs as well as a faithful follower of their Instagram account and felt the need to share this treasure with the rest of the world.

The shipping is quick, and pricing is incredibly reasonable for the quality of the jewelry. On average, my necklaces had lasted almost an entire year of wearing nearly daily before showing any signs of tarnishing, and could probably last at least another year longer before needing any consideration of replacement. Luna Lifted is dedicated to making a quality product that will empower people, stating on their website, “Inspired by the phases of the moon and her divine feminine energy, our designs are made with intention, symbolizing that all women hold the ability to both love and fight, to break and crumble, and most importantly, to put herself back together.”

Luna Lifted personalizes packaging to make connections even while social distancing.

However, what makes Luna Lifted stand out so much from other jewelry makers is how truly personal the support can feel. On my package for the second order I’ve made, it had included written in pen above my name “The lovely” so that the package would say “The Lovely Ashtyn Britt” before listing my address, showing that there was probably some note of me being a repeated customer. Last time I checked, I’ve been ordering from Amazon for years and have never been made to feel so special by them. While this may seem like such a small act, it was clearly genuine and put a smile on my face for the rest of the week. That’s what Luna Lifted gives to their customers, the magic of feeling special and genuinely valued.

I couldn’t emphasize enough how much I think, if you enjoy jewelry, especially based on mythology or major figures in feminism, you should check out Luna Lifted! All necklaces, rings, bracelets, shirts and other products are available for purchase on their website, and can also be viewed on their Instagram page @Lunaliftedco

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