Love is in the Air for Lewis and Clark Community College!

Ashtyn Britt

This year for Valentine’s Day, Student Activities Club hosted an event for the students of Lewis and Clark Community College students on Wednesday, Feb. 13. The party included a psychic, a cupid game, many raffles, free food, and a lot of fun! Many student’s interests were piqued close to the beginning of the event when roses of multiple colors were being given to anyone who wanted one for free. Students also enjoyed the complimentary bags of candy, brownies, rice crispy treats, and hot chocolate.

The excitement was consistent for attendees when the Psychic, Rose Fulhorst, performed many psychic tasks for the students. A few included palm reading, past lives reading, divination, and tarot readings! Fulhorst would be kind enough to let the student pick their preferred method for receiving their fortune. Afterward, there was an option to participate in a cookie decorating contest and a Valentine Card making contest, the cards being donated afterward to local nursing homes.

Afterward, there were a few games that the students also participated in fondly. The most popular game was by far the very popular raffle tickets, many CD’s, DVD’s, and candy that were given as prizes to the many lucky winners! The next game played by many students was a new game for the Student Activities Club. The Cupid Game was also created as a new addition from previous Valentine’s Day parties, allowing students to shoot sticky plastic arrows from a distance to try to hit drawn target hearts on a poster board to win various prizes.

Student Activities has hosted many events on campus, including the annual Valentine’s Day party, for a long time and has a wonderful turnout every time for students to enjoy! This year was no different. For anyone interested in joining Student Activities, contact Jared Hennings at or Student Activities President Brittany Dickerson at

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