Listening To The Psychology Experts at Lewis and Clark

By Alexandra Blockton

Are you battling with issues from your mental or physical health? Remember that here, at Lewis & Clark, you are not alone and there is always help from many resources available for you.

“If you’re aware of your emotional issues please feel free to reach out,” said Transition Counselor LCPC, Terri Austin.

On May 5th, 2020 at 2:00p.m. Dr. Angela Bahner, Psychology Faculty at Metropolitan Community College (Longview), L.C.P.C and Professor Renee Bauer at Lewis and Clark, L.C.P.C Terri Austin located at Scott Bibb Center as well as Lewis and Clark, L&C Professor of Psychology Dr. Chad Keller, and Lewis and Clark Professor of Psychology Dr. Kathy White as the moderator. These individuals all took the stand in a discussion panel solely based on topics such as anxiety, depression, nutrition, stress management, dealing with insomnia, and etc.

Many times students find it difficult to reach out for help no matter what the issue they tend to be facing in life. Now is not the time to feel as if you’re alone! “Healthy people ask other people for help,” said Renee Bauer, L.C.P.C.

At this time many students are feeling overwhelmed from feeling as if they are under lots of pressure due to the stay at home order as well as finals for the second semester.

According to the Expert Panel Discussion, It is important for students to reach out, due to numerous students having a tendency of shutting down when feeling down. Do not isolate yourself! Communication with your family, friends, and/or reaching out to professionals is very important at this time. Avoid situations you know make it worse for you and always make sure you are getting enough sleep. Having a good night’s rest is very important for your overall mental and physical health as well as your nutrition.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by classwork, homework, and/or work, etc. It’s best to look at the whole picture of classes and figure out a personalized plan for yourself. Don’t put off big assignments until last. Try breaking down things into smaller sizes, set a time limit, and learn to recognize your own needs. Don’t forget to build in rewards and incentives for yourself because it’s good to reward yourself after you have completed an assignment and/or project, etc. If you’re aware of your emotional issues please feel free to reach out!

“It is important to reach out to counselors, limit your stress levels, and it’s always good to reward yourself after you have made an accomplishment. “Master a to-do list,” said Dr. Angela Bahner.

Currently, Centerstone, as well as Chestnut Health Systems, are taking new patients with licensed professional counselors who are located off-campus. If you or someone you know are seeking counseling. Please don’t be afraid to reach out because there is professional help out there for you.

Psychology Professor Chad Keller said, “One of the aims of the panel discussion was to raise the awareness of students who are struggling emotionally and mentally during this time know that they are not alone. Also, hopefully, some of the strategies, insights, and resources shared by the panel members can help those who are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and isolated during this time.”

Terri Austin, LCPC
Transition Counselor
Adult Education
Phone: 618-468-4157

Professor Renee Bauer, LCPC
Counselor Student Development
Phone: 618-468-4125


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