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Cinthia Martinez’s hometown is Guerrero, Mexico, but she currently resides in the area around Alton, IL.. She decided to attend Lewis and Clark Community College (L&C) because a lot of help is offered here. Martinez currently works a part-time job as a server at Riviera Maya Mexican Restaurant located in Alton, IL. 

She enjoys spending quality time with her son outside of school and work.

Last year in June 2019, Martinez received her G.E.D and graduated. She informed me of how happy and shocked she was when instructor/coordinator in adult education Monica Waller called her to inform her she had passed her last test because it was a day right before graduation. “I was so happy,” said student Martinez. 

Currently,  Martinez is taking classes for her general studies and is trying to decide between two career fields: business and/or automotive technology. Even though Martinez has not decided her career just yet, she would still recommend L&C to others because she believes it is a really excellent college to attend. 

Martinez looks up to adviser Ann Wilson, math G.E.D. instructor in the adult education department Kathy Moody, project read/instructor Sheila Vaughn, as well as adult education instructor/coordinator Monica Waller. She mentioned how wonderful and supportive these ladies are to her and how much it means to her.

One thing she likes about L&C is being able to go to the Reid Memorial Library where it is nice and quiet. One of her favorite memories here at L&C was when her mother and son attended her graduation with her. 

Martinez said during her Student Spotlight interview, “ I came here four years ago. I didn’t speak any English until I started classes here at Lewis and Clark. During that time, my son was still residing in Mexico for three years. It was a struggle because I was so worried about learning how to speak English before my son came to live with me in America.”

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