LCCC Architecture Students Win Competition

LCCC's Architecture winners

By Julie Schell

Lewis and Clark’s Architectural Design 2 class was given an amazing opportunity this past fall. They were asked to design a Reading Garden to be built at Eunice Smith Elementary School. The class was separated into three groups and each group developed a design to present to the parents and teachers of the school, who would then choose the design they liked best. The winning entry, designed by Julie Schell, Daniel Morell, and Andrew Bangert, featured a stage area for small presentations, an area to write or draw, an area for individual reading and learning tools, such as a thermometer, barometer and planters that show the roots of the plants inside. At the moment, the project is at a standstill awaiting the decision on a grant that would cover a large part of the cost, but everyone involved remains very hopeful. The finished project would not only be a huge accomplishment for the students of the design 2 class and LCCC’s architecture program in general, but would also give the students at Eunice Smith Elementary School a new and exciting learning space to explore.

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