Kick or Treat 2022


By: Jamie Perry

Kick or Treat was a kickball event held on October 14th at Rooney Stadium at Lewis and Clark Community College. There were three games of kickball. They provided lunch along with collecting food pantry items.

The first was The Staff (blue team) vs. Faculty (black team). This was an exciting, very close game. The end score after time ended was 2-2. They played an extra inning, but still ended up deciding the winner by a coin toss. The Staff (blue team) won.  

The next game was played by The Staff (yellow team) vs The Students.  The game was thrilling. The Students played hard but The Staff (yellow team) took the win 6-2. 

Finally, the championship round was The Staff (blue team) vs The Staff (yellow team). What a fascinating match up. The Staff (yellow team annihilated The Staff (blue team) 5-0. 

Kick or Treat 2022

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