Jury Still Out On Verizon iPhone

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By Josie Harpole

Staff Writer

When Verizon announced they were going to start carrying the iPhone, many were excited and counting down the days until the release. The phone was finally released on February 3. The Verizon iPhone four is almost identical to the AT&T iPhone, but they have added a few tweaks.

The Verizon iPhone, just like the AT&T model, features a 326 pixel per square inch screen resolution. It is equipped with two cameras, one on either side, allowing to be FaceTime compatible. FaceTime is a feature that allows one to video chat with other FaceTime users through wifi. There is also an A4 processor in the phone that allows it to obtain high speed with low power consumption.

Unlike the AT&T model, however, the Verizon phone features Hotspot Capability; the Personal Hotspot allows the iPhone to share its cellular internet connection with other devices. This can be done through Bluetooth, a USB connection using your iPod dock, or wifi mode. With the Personal Hotspot almost any device can be made capable of connecting to a wifi network.

AT&T has been criticized for its service and reliability while it was the iPhone’s only service provider. When choosing a service provider it is important to think about your location. Overall Verizon may have better coverage, but not everywhere; in some places, one may have better reception through the AT&T network. Also every year since 2007 Apple has introduced a new iPhone early in the summer. If the pattern keeps up, one may just want to wait it out until the iPhone 5 is available. The Verizon iPhone may be a miracle for some, but for others it is unnecessary.


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