Inktober Inspires Artists Around the World

Destiny Buck


Get your ink pens ready! Inktober is right around the corner! What’s Inktober? It’s an art challenge for beginning and expert artists that takes place in October.

Every year since 2009, an illustrator by the name of Jake Parker had started an art challenge and called it Inktober. In the month of October, he did 31 drawings in 31 days. With a theme or prompt for each day.

Inktober is a great way to develop your art skills and can encourage healthy drawing habits!

How to participate in Inktober? Simple! You start by getting your supplies!

The supplies you need are:

1 Inkpot
1 Pencil (for underdrawings if you need them)
1 Watercolor brush
Any number of ink pens that are for outlining
1 sketchbook (preferably, one that can handle watercolor)
1 Whiteout Pen

After you get your supplies, you can start Inktober. How you participate is easy. You make your drawing, either based on the prompt or something completely original, post it using the hashtag #inktober and you’re done! There’s a Twitter and a Facebook page for Inktober, so it doesn’t matter where you post it.

Only rules to Inktober is it must be done in Ink, and it can only be done on paper.

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