Halloween Ends: The Last of Michael Myers

By Bryce Wellenreiter 



Four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie Strode is now living with her granddaughter, trying to finish her memoir and Michael Myers has not been seen since. When a young boy is accused of murder, terror, and violence ignite that force Strode to confront the evil.  

Halloween Ends is the last of the 40-year timeline, but it’s also considered the end of the Halloween franchise—which I highly doubt. A lot of people say this film is terrible, but I disagree. Honestly, it’s not great but it’s not horrible either. This film was a mess; however, at least it tried something new—even though the attempt ultimately backfired.  

The movie introduces us to a new character, Corey Cunningham, who is accused of murder and ends up getting harassed despite his innocence. He walks to the sewer drain and crosses paths with Myers, who grabs him and just stares at Cunningham. I think this scene was supposed to mean something like “evil never dies, it just takes a different shape.” Cunningham becomes aggressive and eventually goes on a killing spree while wearing Myers’s mask. I still enjoyed Cunningham’s role because he was likable, and I did appreciate them trying something new with their characters.  

The film lacked appearances from Myers, a disappointing contrast to all the promotion for the film being the final showdown between Strode and Myers. I do think the major absence of Myers hurt this film. The final showdown that was advertised was very anticlimactic, and there was no build up at all. It was just Myers showing up at Strode’s place and then they were fighting it out.  

I did like the final scene where the characters dispose of Myers’s body at the scrapyard. It didn’t make any sense, however, seeing as how the entire town was notified that Michael Myers had finally been defeated and where the body was going to be disposed of.  

Although this film was kind of a mess, it’s still better than quite a few of the previous Halloween films and I did enjoy it. I do recommend giving the movie a watch to form your own opinion, at they did try to do something new instead of using the same formula in previous Halloween films. 

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