Green Speaker Series Celebrates Jobs for Green Thumbs


Students gather for the Green Speaker Lecture in the Science Building room 115.
photo: Adam Hill
Eric Welch
Staff Writer


What is the Green speaker series? Simply put, it is a collection of speakers from “Green Energy” industries that have come to Lewis and Clark campus to speak to people who wish to pursue an environmentally friendly career.

 I was able to speak to Nate Keener, one of the organizers of the series, to gain a better understanding of the project.

”It’s (the series) about trying to connect students to a green collar job, getting advice, and how that job relates to the green energy economy”  Keener said.

The series had a wide range of experts that spoke ranging from Solar installers, sustainable architects, and sustainable farmers.

Another topic covered in the series is referred to as “green building”. One objective of “green building” is to use recycled materials in construction. To illustrate, this newspaper can be used to make ceiling tiles and the rubber in your shoes can be used to make a carpet.

Besides being healthy for the environment, “Green collar” jobs present economic opportunity for business and employees alike.

”In 2012, 154 million in private capital was invested in the green industry and 22 trillion is expected to be invested by 2020”  Keener said.

This means the market is growing in green building and recycling materials.

 “Median wages are 13% higher in the green economy than in U.S median wages” Keener said. That contributes to green collar workers are walking around with a little extra green in their pocket.

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