Great Places to go during Spring Break 2019!

Haley Ruyle

1. Orlando, Florida: If anyone is in love Universal Studios then going to Orlando, Florida for spring break is perfect for them! With all of the fun rides and activities and all of the cool and fun loving characters from their favorite movies and television shows, what better way to have fun and become a whole new character!

2. Cancun, Mexico: Anyone can agree that Cancun is a huge hotspot for college students, seriously; the beach, the cute locals, the raves, so all together it’s basically ways for a college student to let loose and get down during Spring Break.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada: One city, a thousand places. This city is a city of endless fun, from gambling to zip line, this amazing city will never bore any college student. Las Vegas, Nevada is filled with the most interesting people from crazy magicians to impersonators of famous people.

4. Panama City, Florida: Who doesn’t love going to the beach for spring break, they would be crazy not to. That is why Panama City, Florida is perfect for this years Spring Break destination, so go out there and get that perfect tan!

5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida: One of the biggest places to go for college students is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Filled with parties, a hot beach, and a ton of fun who wouldn’t want to go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

6. San Diego California: Oh sweet California, California has been a tourist attraction for many years. San Diego, California has some of the hottest places in town from beaches to zoos to the amazing sea world! San Diego California is fun and safe and friendly this Spring Break!

7. Gulf Shores, Alabama: Many people can say that Gulf shores are the way to go for spring break, it has an amazing white sandy beach with that sweet smell of the ocean if anyone is looking for a good place to relax this Spring Break Gulf Shores, Alabama is the way to go!

8. Galveston, Texas: all anyone can say is YeeHaw and Giddyup cowboy because Galveston, Texas is a whole bunch of fun! No one has seen a city like this it’s practically a theme park if anyone is looking for the endless ride of a good time then Galveston, Texas is the best place to go this Spring Break!

9. Padre Island, Texas: Near the border of Mexico is a beautiful island and on that island is a place specifically for college students, it’s called Padre University! Its not another college it is the best place for Spring Break!

10. New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans, Louisiana the town of Voodoo and witchcraft, just hope no one sells their soul to the devil! Spring Break is meant for fun and New Orleans is nothing but fun, fun food, people, history, and above all craziness!

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