Great Godfrey Haunted Corn Maze 


Photos By: James Pepper

Written By: Isabelle Flener


Spooky, scary, and full of fright and fun. That is precisely what Halloween is all about right? It is what the Great Godfrey (Haunted) Corn Maze brought to the attendees this memorable year. 


The Haunted Maze is full of scarers from clowns to Michael Myers. 


The Great Godfrey Corn Maze is open in the fall, solely on weekends between September 16th-October 29th. On those Friday and Saturday nights, the maze eagerly opens after dark. 


“The past few years have been challenging, Covid-19 happened and then our crops wouldn’t grow, so this year we wanted passionately to do something a little different,” shares Merric Meehan, manager at Great Godfrey Corn Maze. 


“We choose Sunn Hemp for the Corn Maze, which is not our traditional choice. This is a change, but will allow the soil a well-deserved break,” states Meehan. 


Sunn Hemp is a Tropic Asian plant, that has risen rapidly in the agriculture field over the last decade. It is vibrant green, therefore makes for a perfect maize crop. 


“The haunted maze is a big hit every year, and the kids really seem to enjoy it,” says Meehan. 


It is separate from the regular maze, Meehan states. 


“I have absolutely enjoyed my experience getting to work at the Great Godfrey Corn Maze,” shares Bow Chappe, a first-year employee. “The people are excellent to work with, and the schedule is extremely flexible,” says Chappe. 


“The Great Godfrey Corn Maze is undoubtedly an incredible time to bring the whole family. We traditionally see all ages from babies to seniors. We can properly accommodate anyone and everyone,” states Meehan. 


The Maze graciously offers lots of other attractions as well. There is the hayride around the maze and park, as well as a cow train and mini maze for the younger kids. A jumping pillow to let out some energy and a corn crib to catch up on some sleep. This year a Vortex Tunnel was additionally offered. 


The Great Godfrey Corn Maze hopes everyone can enthusiastically join next year, for another successful year of frightening fun and festivities, Meehan shared. 


Please visit for more information about the maze! 

The Great Godfrey Maze

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