Eternal Ink Tattoo Event Help Animals Affected by Hurricane



Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio, a tattoo and piercing shop located in Hecker, Illinois hosted a tattooing event to help the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. They offered $20 tattoos of premade animal designs, and all of the proceeds went to the Houston Humane Society.

Chelsea Moore, an artist at the shop, came up with the idea and alongside Jay Dell. They tattooed people from 12 PM to 8 PM on September 4th. Chelsea says, “After Harvey I felt a compelling need to help. I saw the news reports about people evacuating and leaving their pets behind to brace the storm alone, and it broke my heart. I thought I could use my trade to bring the community together while also raising money for the Humane Society. People love animals, and people love tattoos. It was a no-brainer.”

She expected around 50 people, however before the event started there was a line that wrapped outside the building and around the corner down the street. In total, they tattooed about 185 people. Chelsea states that, “When I told Eric (the owner) about my idea, he said, “that’s a great idea, but I’m guessing you’ll have about 12 people show up”… but I was more optimistic. I was expecting at least 50. We were both really undershooting how well the event would go.”All kinds of people showed up,

All kinds of people showed up, according to Chelsea. “I tattooed several tattoo virgins that day. I tattooed people who had to search for an open spot on their sleeves for their tattoo. I tattooed young people who had just turned 18 and I tattooed the people who brought their newly of-age grandchildren to the studio with them. I met people who’ve never been to the shop before and clients I’ve known for years. A little bit of everyone came out that day.” She stated.

Lexi Burleson, an 18-year-old Nursing student at Lewis and Clark Community College from Carlinville, IL, attended the event. She went because, “One, I like tattoos. Two, I like helping animals.” Lexi drove an hour and a half there, arrived at the event around 11:45 AM and waited in line until 4 p.m when she got tattooed. She states, “The wait was exhausting, but it was so worth it. Seeing all those people show up was great!”

Events like this are incredibly helpful, as according to Lexi, “It helped bring awareness and It allows people to get something out of helping out. Not only did they donate $20 to help the animals, but they got a tattoo that they will have forever to remember the event.”

Chelsea Moore, who hosted the event, tattooed Lexi. When asked about the artist, Lexi stated, “She was wonderful. She walked me through it step by step.” Lexi chose a premade turtle design, as it matched her other tattoos. While it wasn’t her first one, she had some advice for first-timers. “It’s not as bad as you think. The adrenaline helps with the pain.”

Not only did Eternal Ink Studio raise $1650, but it brought lots of animal and tattoo lovers together. This just goes to show that even tattoos can benefit a good cause.




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