Education is The Key to Success

By Alexandra Blockton

Have you ever thought to yourself exactly what it’s like to become successful? I’m quite sure we all have, especially with currently being college students ourselves. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is something that does not just happen overnight in a person’s life. But with hard work and dedication, it can definitely progress.

Many times establishing a routine using time management is a great way to get started. Having multiple different classes to attend and receiving homework while trying to keep track of everything can sometimes feel overwhelming if you do not have your own personal set schedule. You feel as if you are all over the place. I know before I started using time-management I felt as if I was all over the place trying to keep track of homework. Once I started going by a set schedule I had made for myself to go by everything started to function properly and fall in order for me. I was completing my homework assignments without feeling unorganized.

In life, we have to decide exactly what we want and go after it. Studying, completing homework assignments, asking questions and attending classes are beneficial.

I have found that having a mentor is very helpful in my journey to obtaining success in my life. Having a mentor helping me with guidance in my career path, setting goals, motivation and emotional support is very helpful for me. Having someone listen confidentially and, best of all, providing me with honest and constructive feedback is also very helpful..

Success is a lifetime journey because once you get where you would like to be in life, you don’t stop! Keep striving for more success!

About Alexandra Blockton

Alexandra is pursuing an Associate Degree in general studies as a Transfer Student. After Fall 2023, she will transfer to a 4-year university to major in Psychology.
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