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It feels good when one is able to find like-minded individuals that are going through the same things as them or finding someone to just talk with. Coming into a new environment is always exciting, as well nerve racking, but getting involved and making great connections on your college campus helps one with a smooth transition. Here at Lewis and Clark Community College, there are a handful of organizations that one is welcome to check out if they are ever looking to get involved on the college campus.

Heba Freese has organized the new upcoming International Diversity Club. Freese came to America as a high schooler and knew very few people in her new environment. She began to develop difficulties with adapting to life in America. Coming to Lewis & Clark Community College and not knowing anyone, she had a hard time trying to find her way around campus, classes and resource labs.  With the help from Allison Harper, Heba thought about all the help she needed when she first came to L&C as a freshman.

Freese figured that other international students might have been going through the same thing, so she wanted to help them.

The International Diversity Club’s mission is to “assist international students in their transition to new surroundings and provide a supportive environment throughout the year.” They organize social events for international students and domestic students alike, and they work as a liaison between meetings biweekly. They are hoping to incorporate a couple of exciting things into the club. They want to have videos for the students and a “meeting my home” task where the students show a small presentation about their culture. A pop culture segment would enable students to showcase movies and music from all around the world.  They, also, will feature dishes from around the world as well.

One does not have to be an international or domestic student to join the club if they are interested in learning about different cultures. Anyone is more than welcome to join. Keep an eye out for their first meeting and the great things they will be doing in the club.

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