Dealing With Second Semester Stress

By Josie Harpole

College students deal with a wide array of different types of stress and stressors. There is the basic academic stress, which happens not just in the classroom, but outside of it as well. It can be hard to manage time with studying and homework during times the students are not even in class. In addition to that there is social stress, many students are just leaving high school and parting ways with close friends, sometimes even family members. There is also a lot of economical stress; most college students need to work jobs aside from attending school.

College can easily feel overwhelming, so what can you do? Lewis and Clark offers many different types of assistance for students. The TRiO Student Support Services program on campus helps students get the help they may need to pass classes and get the degrees they desire. They offer a learning center in Caldwell on the fourth floor. Also, Lewis and Clark offers a math resource center in the commons between the math and science buildings in room 233. The library is home to a writing desk tutor as well, located in the back of the library.

Personal counseling is available for students who think it may be beneficial, anyone interested should e-mail Barb Cadle for more information. Peer mentoring is also a given service. Students can be assigned a peer mentor to offer support, guidance, and assistance as well as share knowledge. Those interested in meeting with a peer mentor should go the learning center, at Caldwell 4337.

If you decide you have taken on a load of classes that is just too much, you can be eligible for a full tuition refund if you officially withdraw from a class, or multiple classes, during the first 12 calendar days (not class meetings). Students can withdraw by logging into Blazernet and processing your withdraw online, a letter with a signature requesting a withdrawal either mailed or faxed to the enrollment center or Community Education Center, or by a course change, in person, at the enrollment center (Baldwin 1450) or any of the Community Education Centers. Credit students need to officially withdraw by a certain course deadline date, which can be found on Just click on class schedule to access search for section, then enter your course information. These deadlines are not related to refunds. If you do not officially withdraw from a course you will receive a grade based on work completed, which may not be passing. An official withdraw within the withdrawal period results in a “W” on your transcript. Not attending a class is not officially withdrawing. All this information can be found in the Lewis and Clark Online Catalogue.

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