College Fashion

Haley Ruyle

College is a time for exploring self-identity; and fashion is one of many ways to show that expression. Here are some many fashionable ways college students are showing off their style here at Lewis and Clark Community College.


  1. The yoga pant style: We’re all familiar with this style; it’s the booty shaper, and the “it’s so comfy I wear it day and night” outfit. Everyone loves yoga pants even if they are not wearing yoga pants, the only thing wrong with them is the casual camel toe that creeps up from time to time.
  2. The sporty look: The sporty look is characterized by a T-shirt with a favorite team or school logo, basketball shorts, Nike/Adidas sneakers, a flat bill hat, a sports bag filled with Gatorade and a phone charger. People would think that a “sporty look” would be more proactive and filled with actual sport players but to be honest, it’s just a bunch of players who don’t play sports.
  3. The basic look: The qualifications for the basic look are: a messy bun, ugg boots, leggings, the boyfriend’s sweatshirt, and a Starbucks coffee for on the go cravings! This look is easy an look most people can pull off. There is no need to prepare, just act cute and it will complete the whole outfit. But if they act lazy, well then they are just a lazy bum who didn’t put any thought into their outfit.
  4. The sleepy look: This look is the easiest to put on  but the hardest to pull off. The sleepy look is basically just people wearing their pajamas to school. Easy right ? Just wake up and go to school. Just think of all the laughs and stares people get, I hope they’re brave enough to do it.
  5. The I don’t care look: This look is by far my favorite look. It is very laid back and comfortable. I wear this look almost everyday. This look consists of skinny jeans, an oversized sweatshirt, sneakers or boots, no makeup and no filter help complete the “I don’t care look”.

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