Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Around STL.


Erin Murphy

Staff Writer

This Thursday, everyone gets to be Irish for a day.  The origin of this holiday is celebrating the life of St. Patrick, who, according to legend, drove the snakes in Ireland, a symbol of the Devil in Christianity, into the sea.  The shamrock became significant because St. Patrick used it while preaching, showing that the three leaves represented the father, son, and holy spirit of Christian teachings.  The four leaf clover has been considered lucky even farther back in time that the dominance of Christianity.  The Celts of Whales and Druids saw them as charms against evil spirits, each leaf symbolizing faith, hope, love, and luck.

St. Patrick’s Day in the modern era is a holiday full of opportunities to go out and celebrate.  There is something for everyone, regardless of age.  With a parade and plenty of Irish restaurants and pubs to choose from, St. Patty’s Day can be celebrated however you want for as long as you want.


Ancient Order of Hibernians’ Dogtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Date: 3/17/2011
Location: Tamm and Oakland Avenue
Time: Noon
Website: www.stlhibernians.com


O’Connell’s Pub

4652 Shaw Ave., at Kingshighway Blvd.

(314) 773-6600


John D. McGurks

1200 Russell, Soulard

(314) 776-8309


The Doubliner

1025 Washington Ave.

(314) 421-4300


Seamus McDaniels

1208 Tamm Ave.

(314) 645-6337


Pat’s Bar & Grill

6400 Oakland Ave.

(314) 647-6553


O’Malley’s Irish Pub

1900 Cherokee Street

(314) 762-9308


Kilkenny’s Pub

20 North Central, Clayton

(314) 725-0161


Molly Darcys

26 North Meramec, Clayton

(314) 863-8400


Tigin Irish Pub

333 Washington Ave.

(314) 241-8666


Helen Fitzgerald’s

3650 South Lindbergh

(314) 984-0026


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