Bump it, Set it, Spike it

Alexander Gent


Athletes from men’s and women’s basketball teamed up to defeat “Yerrr” and win this years student volleyball tournament. The first place finish came with a prize of a $15 gift card for each member.

“I led my team to victory in spite of our downfalls”  Shaquira Caradine a.k.a “Q-Money” said. “We worked together as a team, and achieved what the others could not.”  

Students gathered in the Riverbend Arena on Sept. 26 for pizza and the annual one-day tournament. Teams consisted of six members, and four teams battled for gift card glory this year.

The tournament “helps give students in the dorms, and the student body as a whole, the opportunity to stay physically active while building and maintaining relationships with each other” Student Activities Coordinator Jared Hennings said.

“Yerr”, a team consisting of foreign exchange students from men’s soccer was described by team captain Chris Deans as “mentally and physically drained” at the half, but “ready for the final”.

They will have to wait with the “Hornets” and “Student Activity Randoms” until next year for a chance to claim first place.

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