Building a New Bridge: Meet the Editors

By Athena Whitty
Dane McGuire
Copy Editor

The Bridge’s staff went through some major changes shortly before the end of Fall semester. Many graduated, transferred, or couldn’t return due to other obligations.

I happen to be one of those changes. My name is Athena Whitty and I am the new Editor-in-Chief. I am in my second semester of the Computer Network Security and Administration program.

Army brat was an appropriate name for me growing up. I spent most of my time in Killeen, Texas but I even had the chance to live in Germany for a brief period.

Before deciding to return to school I worked several retail positions. I spent four years as an assistant manager of a well known video game chain. The experience I gained at the retail chain helped pave the way to becoming the Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge.

Something I strive for is keeping our campus newspaper relevant to ALL of the students. This means I really want the students to have an active voice with us. If you have any ideas for the newspaper feel free to send me an email or stop by the office in Caldwell 1315.

I also happen to be a huge fan of anything pertaining to Doctor Who, Batman, horror movies and gaming.


I’m Dane McGuire, a Radio Broadcasting major and Copy Editor for The Bridge. My ultimate goal is to venture into the world of sports broadcasting. I fell in love with broadcasting/media when I was 13, and within three years, I moved to Jerseyville, Illinois in pursuit of my dream.

For 3 years I developed and wrote on my own site, Dane’s Sports Spot along with hosting a self-titled sports podcast via iTunes before coming to L&C. My adventures during that took me inside the hallowed halls of 1120 KMOX in St. Louis, once the home of Bob Costas and Jack Buck.

By 16, at least for one game, I became the youngest member of the media reporting on the Cards from one of the best views in the house, their press box.

I currently co-host the sports show on 89.9 WLCA as well. I am crazy for comic books and I am a serious movie buff. I write for The Bridge because I want to help create something fun, entertaining but informative that students want to read.


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