BOT Member Charles Hanfielder Resigns after Almost Four Years of Service


By Keenan A. Mount

Board of Trustees Member Charles “Chuck” Hanfelder has resigned. Hanfielder received a standing ovation as the board and community wished him well during its February meeting.

Former L&C BOT Member Charles “Chuck” Hanfelder

Starting his tenure in April of 2019, Hanfelder served on the board for just two months shy of four years. He was assistant secretary at the time of his resignation.

Madison County Treasurer and Lewis and Clark Community College graduate Chris Slusser spoke to his appreciate of Hanfielder during public comment portion of the meeting. He wanted to “recognize and honor” both Hanfielder and his service on the board. Slusser recounted personal stories of Hanfielder, thanked him for his military service and showed gratitude for Hanfielder giving guidance to him and other young politicians during their respective beginnings in public life. He said Hanfielder was “like a father figure.”

After Hanfielder’s resignation was accepted by a formal, unanimous vote, L&C President Ken Trzaska thanked Hanfielder for his leadership and support while serving on the board and presented him with a plaque of service as well as an L&C sweatshirt.

“I just appreciate his leadership and support, because I can’t recall really anything he hasn’t supported and just appreciate his trust in the work, which can oftentimes be complicated,” Trzaska said.”I appreciate your services and wish you the very best, in health and in spirit.”

Coach Kavon Lacey
Former Coach Kavon Lacey

Hanfelder thanked board members and the college for the opportunity to serve L&C’s community. “The college is being steered by an able president, Dr. Ken Trzaska,” he said.

Retired Pastor Danny Holiday also spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting. Holiday read from a letter written by Attorney Luthor Simmons that was initially addressed to Trzaska and pertained to the termination of former Interim Men’s Basketball Coach Kavon Lacey, who was recently fired by L&C Director of Athletics Dr. Cedric Brown.

“Evaluating the program, I felt it was time to make a move,” Brown said in an Atlon Telegraph article. “We appreciate everything Coach Lacey has done for the program at Lewis and Clark and wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Simmons asserted in the letter that the firing of Lacey has resulted in “public outrage.” Simmons went on to describe Lacey as an “Alton icon” and characterize his termination as “subjective and whimsical,” as well as “a far reaching affront to the Alton community at large.”

Holiday’s reading was accompanied by a plea for the board to meet with Alton community leaders to discuss Lacey’s termination. Holiday concluded his reading of Simmons’ letter with his own praise for Lacey and his feelings of being “insulted” by the incident.

Lacey served as head coach since the retirement of former Men’s Basketball Coach Doug Stotler in Spring of 2022. At that time, Lacey served as assistant coach under Stotler.

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