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Dear Athena,

My life seems to a series of deadlines. One right after another. I feel like I never have a proper game plan or blueprint on how to accomplish my tasks in a timely manner. I just wait and wait until the last possible opportunity to finish my homework, projects, applications, and other commitments. If it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would get done. This leaves me stressed, pulling my hair out during crunch time. How can I stop my procrastination lifestyle, and do a favor for myself, have better time management?

Best Regards,

Lazy and Unmotivated

Dear Lazy and Unmotivated,

Procrastination is not the easiest cycle to break since distractions are so easy to come by. Determining the biggest distractions faced while working is the first step in deterring procrastination.

If you catch yourself spending hours watching Netflix, it might be a good time to reconsider the space you are working in. Libraries and computer labs tend to quieter and allow for more productivity.

Computers, phones and tablets can easily be an issue. Rescue Time is among the apps available to keep workflow moving in the right direction. It tracks how time is spent on a computer, has features that allow users to block certain sites temporarily and provides a productivity score for each day.

Productivity Owl is an extension for Google Chrome web browsers that close tabs of  “unproductive sites” if too much time is spent on them. Scheduling free time is also a feature included in Productivity Owl.

Take a few minutes each morning to write out a to do list and prioritize the list. When prioritizing tasks, take into account if only one task could be completed that day, which would leave you feeling the most accomplished?

Breaking the day into smaller goals with a list will not only increase motivation to complete more tasks, but will also keep feelings of being overwhelmed under control.

Set aside time each day to make a schedule. Make sure breaks, lunch time and wiggle room (in case tasks take longer than expected) are included.

These tips will not make the stress of deadlines or assignments magically melt away but will bring the stress to a more manageable level.


Athena Whitty Editor in Chief
Athena Whitty
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