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"Gotham City backdrop for Gotham TV series" by vagueonthehow - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“Gotham City backdrop for Gotham TV series” by vagueonthehow –
Darick T. Earney
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Sept. 22 marked the debut of the all new comic book-based crime series, Gotham. This series provides a fresh take on the origin of how a young, tragedy stricken Bruce Wayne had grown up to become The Batman.

After the Wayne family attend a theater performance, they step out from the back door of an opera house and are held at gunpoint by a local mugger. After a small scuffle, the mugger murders Bruce’s parents and flees the scene.

Burglar Selina Kyle, known only as ‘Cat’, is racing down a fire escape from her latest crime scene when she witnesses the murder.

Another, more important, character appearance is the determined detective, James Gordon.

Serving as the shows’ leading character, Gordon commits himself to track down the killer, and to keep the city safe from all harm.

“Gotham” is different from other TV shows of its kind in that it provides origin stories for each of Batman’s most recognized villains, as well as add its own original villains.

The first episode introduces a brand new villain to the Batman universe known as Fish Mooney. Mooney is a mob boss and an informant to Gordon’s corrupt partner, Harvey Bullock.

Mooney’s gang is suspected of murder after Mrs.Wayne’s pearl necklace is taken off of the body of a thug by Bullock. After discovering the origins of the necklace, Mooney believes her up-and-coming thug, Oswald Cobblepot (referred to as ‘Penguin’) is trying to frame her.

Also, be sure to watch out for any easter eggs and hints for upcoming characters in the series.

The Pilot episode shows a young comedian in a nightclub that viewers are debating on could be a young Jack Napier, who is also known as the Joker. There is also a little girl named Ivy, who could grow to be the villain known as Poison Ivy.

To see it all happen and more, be sure to tune in on Fox, Mondays at 8 p.m. this Fall.


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