Avengers Make a Big Hit at LC Movie Night!

Ashtyn Britt

Once again, Student Activities gives a great night to the students of Lewis and Clark Community College! Student Activities hosted a screening for one of the later and most popular Marvel movies, Avengers: Infinity War.

The movie had been decided based on a few in-person and online poll for students to vote, and Avengers: Infinity War won the popular vote among students and faculty. Student Activities always makes an effort to include the student body in their decision making when they host events on campus, wanting to only host events that will please both the student body as well as the local community members who chose to also attend.

The turn out for Avengers: Infinity War was great, the students and anyone else who attended being provided free pizza, popcorn, and sodas before being allowed to sit in the grass of the front lawn to watch the movie.

The crowd was lively as the movie unfolded, some being moved to tears at certain points in the film. The joy and excitement amongst those attending were as potent in the air as the smell of the delicious pizza being happily consumed by the attendees.

This isn’t the first time Student Activities has hosted a movie night for Lewis and Clark Community College, last year having shown a screening of Jurassic World. That screening also had a good turn out, and a lot of happy students leaving with full bellies and an entertaining couple of hours! The same applied for this year as students left excitedly discussing the ending and post-credits scene of the movie, theorizing about what will come next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With any hope, Student Activities will continue to show more movie screenings at Lewis and Clark Community College in the future, and continue to include students in the decision making process.

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