Artist Spotlight: Trevor Ayres

Trevor Ayres


My name is Trevor Ayres, and I am the lead photographer for the LC student newspaper The Bridge, but I’m also a Graphic Design Major who will be finishing up in the fall. I’ve had a fair bit of success over the course of the past two years that I’ve been in this program, including having my design work published, having my photographs and paintings juried into several art shows, and even having one of my pieces awarded an honorable mention from the LC Student Art Exhibition.

While this is supposed to be an article on myself, I feel like I cannot talk about my success without bringing up the instructors who taught me everything I know. I’ve taken several Fine Art classes as part of my Graphic Design Degree, and even a few more for my own interest. These courses and instructors helped guide and teach me the very techniques that have given me the capabilities to compete in as many art shows I have at such an early stage in my career.

From painting with Craig Hoffman, drawing with Chris Day, learning about print making and developing film from Jeff Vaughn and to making eye catching designs and logos from Steve Campbell, each one of these instructors has given me a valuable skill set to tackle multiple different forms of art media.

It amazes me as to how lucky I’ve been to have so many instructors who are willing to dedicate their time to improving artists such as myself. They have made me into the artist I am today, and I am so very grateful for this experience. I would not be here writing this article if it wasn’t for those professors leading me every step of the way.


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