Artist Portfolio: Steve Campbell

Krystie Morrison and Trevor Ayres


Dedicated, intellectual, and caring: these are some of the words that can be used to describe LC instructor Steve Campbell. But above all else, he is inspiring, both to those in his personal life and to his own students. From his stories of high school and college art classes to achieving his masters while helping raise a family, Steve instills confidence in every one of his students to put their best foot forward and realize that nothing is impossible with a little hard work. 

Steve Campbell, who is a professor and the coordinator of the Graphic Design and Web Design and Development programs here at LCCC has been an art enthusiast all his life. He remembers, as a child, his mother purchasing his first paint-by-number kits and getting in trouble for purposely painting outside the lines and blending his colors! 

He was a part of a select group of summer students who studied art in 6th grade, traveling to various points of interest in the Riverbend area and oil painting along the way. He was the Senior Studio Art Student at Roxana High School in 1975 and continued to take art classes at SIUE while trying to decide what he wanted to do when he grew up. He studied art and drafting at LCCC for a few years in the late 1970’s while working as a professional color photographer and retouch artist before getting a job as a technical illustrator for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis in 1979.

Fast forward to today. Steve completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at SIUE and has been at LCCC since the Fall of 1992. He has had various roles at the college which all led to where he is now, teaching since the Fall of 2000. Through all of that, his love of art and photography has only been enhanced by his education and computer training. He now teaches digital art and draws on his past knowledge and training to teach and train his students to succeed in the fields of Graphic and Web Design.

Steve usually has pieces he exhibits in the Art Faculty Exposition in the fall, typically related to his recent travels from the previous summers. He loves teaching as an adjunct art faculty and working with the other tremendously talented faculty in the art department.

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