A March for Unity

Alexander Gent

Students from the International Student Association, the Black Student Association as well as LC Pride gathered in solidarity to march on Lewis and Clark Community College campus that took place on the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., April 4.

The march started from the entrance at the north side of campus, along Godfrey Road to the entrance at the south side of campus, and eventually converging on the Trimpe building for festivities, in a demonstration of unity.

“In order to be unified, we need to make a formalized promise to each other no matter race color or creed,” Coordinator of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Adrienne Reed Oliver said.

The commemoration of unity began with Salsa dance instructions provided by Alvin Elliot in which attendants were invited to participate. Sisters, Dema and Dana Qasem, who are International Students from Palestine, were generous enough to share with the audience a demonstration of a traditional dance style called Dabke, a combination of circle and line dancing often performed at weddings, and donning traditional Palestinian garments.

After the performances, Hal Schling spoke on concerns for the LGBTQ+ communities, and Bishop Derrick Robinson gave a speech on social justice and civil rights, as well as the significance of this event taking place on the anniversary of  Dr. King’s death.

To help students formalize their promise Adrienne Reed Oliver composed a “Pledge for Unity,” a statement that students read together and after which everyone chanted “UNITY.”

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