3 Purple Coats Makes Dreamers of an Audience



Ashtyn Britt


Ammons had first debuted with 3 Purple Coats Production as Andy, whereas Tracy Webster-Cooley and Garland Moore had been returning actors. Jaron L. Ammons, La Fondria Booth, Tahler Holloway, Darrell McCrady, Debra Riddlespriger, and many other members of the ensemble also made up the talented, which provided acting, singing and dancing skills to bring Andy’s story to life on stage.

The production also included Nana Becoat as the stage manager, Brenda Lancaster as the music director, Sarah Goins as the choreographer, and Leah Becoat as the set and costume designer. Larry Weinles, Brian McKinney and Steve Harris also acted as the lighting and sound technicians.

3 Purple Coats Productions has once again hosted their latest production at Lewis and Clark Community College and had a successful turnout. Leah Becoat, the writer and director of 3 Purple Coats Production’s latest play, “Andy the Dreamer,” has again managed to tell a compelling story that audiences enjoyed.

This is not the first play 3 Purple Coats Productions has hosted here at Lewis and Clark, having also given their performances of “Noah’s Ark” and “Back 2 the Playground” over the last couple of years.

The main actors for “Andy the Dreamer,” Jovon Ammons as Andy, Tracy Webster-Cooley as Officer Donut, and especially Garland Moore as Brandon, told the story of a young homeless boy named Andy living homeless and on the streets as he aspires to fulfill his dreams. This production also offers musical numbers, pop culture nods and plenty of plot twists.

The diverse audience that gathered in Hathaway Hall on Saturday, Sept. 15 and Sunday, Sept. 16 this year mostly consisted of family members and supportive members of the local community, with audience members varying in all ages.

More information about 3 Coats Production and their future productions can be found on Facebook. The company can also be contacted at 618-670-2395.

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